Love in a Bowl of Popcorn

Posted this on, but it fits here too 🙂

Beware the Comfort Zone!

Ahh…first day back after a break from our Saturday kid’s ministry. It felt a bit like the first day of school, everyone a bit excited, wiggly, and not quite settled in. Lots of hugs, lots of chattering, and lots of not listening to anything we had to say. So, to get out the energy, we talked about our Christmas and New Year celebrations.


After a bit the conversation shifted to our Christmas party that happened a few weeks ago. We asked the kids that attended what their favorite parts were. Of course it was the cookies, the gifts, and the swimming, but there was an unexpected response from several of the kids. “Popcorn ni Kuya Dan!” (“Big brother” Dan’s popcorn). While the kids were inside watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, now an annual tradition, Dan, on a whim, made popcorn. Now popcorn isn’t exactly a luxury item here, it’s a…

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