Although we are the ones on the ground here in Davao, this ministry is a huge partnership, and none of this is possible without the generosity of others! We are grateful for the financial and prayer support of others, which allows us to continue to serve others. We are currently partnered with The Cause, an organization which allows donors to give to our ministry, and receive a tax deductible receipt. If you would like to help, tax deductible monetary donations can be mailed to:

The Cause
P.O. Box 914
Carlsbad, CA 92018


EPIC Center
65338 Bend Redmond Highway
Bend, OR 97701

IMPORTANT! In order to be eligible for a tax deduction, please note on your donation that it is for HOPE CREATED, NOT us personally. You can also give easily online, by going to

Below we have listed a (somewhat daunting) list of current ministry needs, if you would like to give towards something specific and tangible. No donation is too small! Many life threatening injuries and illnesses are treatable with a $1.00 box of band aids and a tube of antibiotic ointment.

Capital Needs: One time purchases for ongoing ministry needs (Primarily disaster relief and reconstruction):

Truck- Canter Double Cab 4×4 -$12,700 USD
Generator -7.5 KW Diesel – $1650 USD
Stihl Chainsaw- 070 24” bar- $760 USD
2 Ladders- Folding-12 Ft ladder-$103 x 2=$206 USD
2 Large Tents- $507 x 2= $1014 USD

When Disaster Strikes “Savings Fund”: “First Responder” supplies to be acquired on short notice:

Electrical Supplies (to temporarily rewire hospitals and other aid stations)- $800 a week
Rice- (both for rescue crews and disaster survivors) 100 Kilo Bag- $67 (unlimited need)
Rolls of Tarps -$100 Each (unlimited need)
First aid supplies- $2000 for the first week and $500 each week after
Fuel- $500 per week average (depending on proximity from Davao)
Truck Repair-$200 per week

General Ongoing Needs:
Personal Living Expenses- $1400 a month in addition to current funding
First Aid supplies (For regular use, not just after disasters)- $100 a month
Fuel For Missions Truck- $200 a month

Stuff that can be sent from The States:

Vet Wrap (Available at most farm supply stores, great for keeping bandages on kids in the tropical heat and humidity)
Latex Free Medical Gloves- All Sizes
Framing Hammers
Sawzall Blades Asst. (Especially some of the Dewalt Fire and Rescue blades)
Dewalt 20V MAX Jigsaw
Dewalt 20V MAX Rotohamer
Dewalt 20V MAX* XR Oscillating Multi-Tool

Please note! If you would like to send stuff from the United States, we have some very cost-effective options, and people Stateside who collect items to send together in one large shipment. Please contact us if that is something you are interested in doing, and we will get you in touch with them. Also, we do have a list of small, personal items that we can always use if you are interested in helping out in that area as well, it’s amazing what a few fun goodies from home do to lift morale! Just let us know and we will send a wishlist to you directly. 🙂

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