Job Skills Training

We believe that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. One of our biggest goals when moving to the Philippines was to teach people a trade. We had a small sewing shop in the United States, and we were fortunate enough to transfer a portion of that business to the Philippines. We have had the opportunity to teach employees how to run industrial sewing equipment, and Dan has taught sewing classes to a handful of people, some who are hoping for a job, some who have creative endeavors of their own but need a bit more knowledge, and some who just want to learn a new hobby.

Dan also teaches construction classes at Faith Academy International, a Christian school here in Davao which caters primarily to missionary families. Andrew attends Faith as a high schooler. This past year’s project combined job skills training and disaster relief, as the students built two simple houses to transport to the typhoon zone nearby. Not only did they get a chance to learn basic carpentry and construction skills, but they had the opportunity to serve those in need. He will resume classes this school year, and there has been a huge positive response from the students.

Along with another missionary, Davey Wright, Dan is also helping teach woodworking skills to a handful of teenagers from Agdao, the neighborhood where Marlene does Kid’s Ministry. Davey had a heart for the youth in Agdao, and began a skimboarding ministry. A few days a week he goes to the beach in Agdao with skimboards that he and Dan build together in tow, and plays in the water with the kids, after doing an activity such as a Bible study, beach clean up, etc. A while back, some of the kids approached the guys, and said they had friends interested in buying skimboards from them, but didn’t know how to proceed. Dan and Davey have been working with this group to not only learn how to do the woodworking, but how to approach this opportunity from a business viewpoint.

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